Inspirational Quote 9-12-17

Now is the best time to feel with your heart, as so many people have been displaced due to hurricanes, flooding and forest fires.  We have seen many people put down their differences to show heart with compassion and love for all. Let’s all care for each other and help those in need. Never forget, someday it might be you that is in need.

Inspirational Quote 6-26-17

This was a Soviet propaganda statue from the days of Soviet rule in Hungary. Their idea of the Soviet hand ruling over the world. When I look at this image it always seemed more like people opening up all the amazing possibilities our world has to offer. Words and ideas can change things for the good or the bad. It all depends on how you see things. So let’s open our eyes to the possibilities that have been placed before us and see how we can positively enhance the earth and the lives upon it.

Inspirational Quote 6-23-17

It is hard in these times to always keep a positive outlook when negativity is thrown at you everywhere you look and the only positive things you see seem out of your reach. What we really need to focus on what you can personally change in your life, not the things you have absolutely no control over. Every morning instead of hitting the snooze button, use those five or ten minutes to meditate on what you are love and are thankful for in your life. Then keep the news off and listen to your favorite music instead. I promise it will give you a different perspective on your day.

Inspirational Quote 6-22-17

People of every age go beyond what we would consider possible every day.  So stifle your mind from telling you no and try something you never thought you could do. Remember it takes practice to do the impossible, so always keep learning and trying.