Atlanta Corporate Photographer Karen Burns Photography

   Looking for the Best Corporate Photographers in Atlanta? Karen Images photographs Atlanta events and corporate photography projects for use in annual reports, marketing brochures, customer catalogs, public relations and custom website content. As corporate photographers serving the Atlanta market, they understand the need to communicate what a business symbolizes and how a company serves its clientele or stockholders.We specialize in the creation of corporate stock photography utilizing your personnel so the faces representing your image are recognized by your clients and not found on every other website.

   Professional corporate photography is your first step to presenting your professional image to clients and prospects. Karen Burns Photography is accustomed to working with designers, creative directors, and CEO’s to perfect your image everywhere it shows. We always come as a humble member of your team, ready to listen and fulfill needs unique to your company.As corporate photographers we specialize in location shoots and have the ability to photograph tethered to a laptop for instant viewing. This allows the corporate client, agency, or art director to have access to the images in real time allowing immediate adjustments to crop, body language of subjects, props and all elements within the image. For head shots it allows instant proofing and image selection to speed the delivery of the finished product.

   When it comes to corporate head shots, Karen’s retouching services can take off 15 years and 15lbs, enhancing your image to create a fantastic first impression that remains lifelike and believable to the real you.
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