As Photographers in Atlanta we are grateful beyond measure for the blessings, people, and relationships we have experienced since opening our company in 1997. Our strong desire is to consistently make a positive difference in this world daily. We have encountered and served many charitable organizations over the years. Some situations had remarkable results, some did not. All were life changing experiences that made us realize sometimes it only takes a few people full of compassion to bless others a hundredfold. And so we volunteer often and enjoy finding ourselves in the company of others who share this gift for life and community.
One of our favorite assignments over the last 14 years has been fulfilling the role of Camp Photographer for Camp Horizon, a camp for children of abuse in the metro Atlanta DFCS system. Camp Horizon hosts a 1 week summer camp for 8-11 year olds with a 1:1 camper counselor ratio. A calm port for kids lost in a storm of neglect and abuse, Camp Horizon has been a lifeline in the Atlanta community for nearly 30 years. The counselors and staff provide unconditional acceptance, trust and love guiding each child on a journey of self-discovery. Carefully designed activities help them realize they are children of promise with endless possibilities. To learn more visit
One of the things we learned along the way is the tie between foster children and homelessness. Over 70% of children in foster care will become homeless or in prison in their lifetime. It is clear that there simply is not enough being done to prepare these children for the world they are released into on their own with little to no resources. We are actively seeking solutions to help reduce homelessness in children aging out of foster care.