Atlanta’s Advertising and Marketing Photographer

A custom corporate stock photography image of a woman serving a customer at one Porsche Drive by Atlanta Commercial Photographer Karen Images
A marketing photograph of a 911 in the Heritage Gallery at One Porsche Drive in Atlanta by Atlanta Commercial Photographer Karen Images
An editorial photograph of a Ponko Chicken franchise in Marietta Station by Atlanta Commercial Photographer Karen Images


Atlanta’s Corporate Culture, Marketing, and Advertising Photographer

Karen Images has been working as a commercial photographer with C-Suite and marketing executives in metro Atlanta since 1998! Karen Images provides corporate marketing still photography and video services to capture the unique culture of your company and create stunning visuals for your customer-facing initiatives and advertising campaigns. Our experienced photographers specialize in creating custom stock photography or video showcasing your team to help your business stand out from the competition.

Capturing Corporate Culture Through Photography – Corporate Identity, Lifestyle, and Custom Stock Photography

In the fast-paced world of corporate branding and communication, the importance of corporate culture photography cannot be overstated. As businesses strive to connect with their audience on a deeper level, visually appealing and authentic imagery becomes a vital tool. That’s where a skilled corporate lifestyle photographer and custom stock photographer can make all the difference.

A corporate culture photograph of employees from Porsche Cars North America by Atlanta Corporate Culture photographer Karen Images
A corporate culture video for the ACBR brand by commercial Photographer Karen Burns of Atlanta

Portraying the Essence of Your Brand with Corporate Identity Photography

Corporate identity photography is commercial photography that is all about portraying the essence of your brand. It’s about creating visual narratives that reflect your company’s values, mission, and unique personality. Our expert photographers specialize in capturing the heart and soul of your organization, ensuring that your corporate identity shines through every image.

Whether it’s capturing your team in action, showcasing your workspaces, or highlighting your products or services, our corporate identity photography services will help you strengthen your brand’s visual presence and make a lasting impression.

Custom Stock Photography Shares Your Corporate Culture with Your Target Audience

Stock photography can be generic, often failing to convey the uniqueness of your brand. That’s where our custom stock photographer steps in. We provide tailored, high-quality custom stock images that align perfectly with your brand’s messaging and identity. These images can be used across all your marketing materials, from your website and social media to brochures and presentations.

Corporate culture photography plays a pivotal role in establishing and promoting your brand’s identity and values. With our expertise in corporate identity photography, corporate lifestyle photography, and custom stock images, we offer a comprehensive solution to help your business connect with its audience on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Contact us today to discuss your corporate culture photography needs and discover how we can help you tell your brand’s unique story through captivating visuals. Your corporate identity deserves to shine, and we’re here to make it happen.

A corporate culture image of department heads in conference by Atlanta Commercial Photographer Karen Images
A corporate culture image of custom stock photography of Liger employees having coffee together by Atlanta Commercial Photographer Karen Images
One Porsche Drive photographed by Atlanta Architectural photographer Karen Images

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Atlanta Corporate Culture and marketing photography by Atlanta Commercial Photographer Karen Images

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Atlanta Corporate Headshot photographer Karen Images photographs corporate headshots on location

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Image from a corporate event for PCNA by Atlanta Corporate event photographer Karen Images

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